Prayershift Update: Middle East Focus

Prayershift Update: Middle East Focus

Our focus for prayer this month was praying for the nations of Iran, Israel and Lebanon; we started by singing the song, “At Your name the mountains shake and tremble.”
We listened to a recording from Daniel sharing his heartache and concerns for his nation of Iran. He reported desperate poverty and tremendous need for food, shelter, families have no finance, so much fear and uncertainty. A once vibrant nation now destabilised and unsure of its future. We then divided into groups to pray for God’ s mercy, His provision and for many more of the population to have revelation of Jesus and to find hope once again.
We listened to the song, “Holy Overshadowing”
Our second nation we focused prayer on was Israel. It was reported that their elections were on 23 March. Many people were coming to faith during lockdown, but the nation was experiencing huge challenges. One of the issues reported was that there were no tourists because of the Coronavirus outbreaks across the nations and the airport being closed although this is finally opening again. Huge numbers of abortions continue to happen in Israel. We were asked to pray for secular and congregational leaders. It was reported that there was a lot of emotional stress and we prayed for God to strengthen families and help the children and for their hearts to be turned back to God.
Our third nation was Lebanon. Jeremiah 31:33 Ezekiel 14:11 Zechariah 8:8
This is a nation in desperate straits with communal wars and huge numbers of refugees from surrounding countries. Many ministries are working in Lebanon. Politically, it is on the edge of total collapse with protests on streets. We were praying for this nation six months after the major explosion that happened killing and injuring many residents. Lebanon have been in 24-hour curfew for weeks. Pray for the resources they need, food and provision and for Godly men and women to lead the nation. Covid-19 is a medical emergency, vaccines are needed; the hospitals are overwhelmed.
Obviously, it is impossible to report everything we shared and prayed into but again what a privilege to gather via zoom with friends across the nation and nations. Love to see you at the next prayer shift!

Ian Cole is the founder of the World Prayer Centre UK.

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