Covering Birmingham in Prayer


God is calling His people to pray. We are seeing unprecedented numbers of people praying like never before.

Birmingham is the second largest city in the UK and it has a rich, cultural and innovative history. It has the youngest population in Europe and the most culturally diverse city in the UK.

We believe that Birmingham is key to the outworking of God’s plan for our nation. Birmingham is the heart of our nation, both spiritually and in location. What is formed in the heart flows out of it.

We have felt there is an urgent need to cover our city and nation in prayer. There is already so much prayer happening by Christian individuals, churches, small groups and organisations across Birmingham. God is wanting to unite our prayers to release His blessings into our city.

We want to raise a canopy of prayer over our city, working towards unceasing prayer cover. In order to do this, we want to find out what is already happening in prayer across the city and then we can spot the gaps that need to be filled. WPC is happy to facilitate this Canopy of Prayer for our city, but we need you!

How it works

If you have a passion to pray for Birmingham as an individual, a small group, church or organisation, we want to encourage you to sign up to be part of the canopy of prayer by committing to pray for a regular prayer watch.

You can sign up to pray for 60 minutes. Then, you pray wherever you are and however you want for your prayer watch. You can pray, worship, declare, contemplate, prayer walk or prayer cycle!

Click the button below to sign up for a prayer watch. You can pray as a group, individual or church in your booked prayer watch hour. You may already have a prayer meeting where you pray for Birmingham that you can add as a regular prayer watch, or you can start a new one!


You are free to pray however you want during your prayer watch, but we have produced a 24 hour framework if you would wish to use it with scriptures to aid your prayers. It is a simple prayer wheel with something to pray each hour with scriptures.


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