Love France and pray for Paris Olympic Games

Love France and pray for Paris Olympic Games

The eyes of the world are very much on Paris this summer as they host the 2024 games.

As the nation prepares to welcome thousands of athletes and millions of spectators from all around the world, it presents the French Church with an unprecedented opportunity … to share the Gospel message!

The Church across France has risen to the challenge with incredible passion, determination and resolve… and the result is truly awe-inspiring!

There are more than 400 events and initiatives taking place across the duration of the games involving 100+ different churches, ministries and organizations. They span several categories including evangelism, prayer and worship, social events, sports and play, city teams, creative arts and music.

Matthew Glock, Coordinator of Ensemble 2024 – the platform that serves and supports the many events said, ‘We have been bowled over by the energy, imagination and commitment that has been invested in so many projects. The Church in France is very much alive! – but we would welcome your prayers in this season.’

‘Please pray for the security and success of the games and all of the projects. Pray for the fruitful sharing of the Gospel. Pray for an impactful legacy both for France and the nations who take part!’, said Matthew.

You are invited to be part of a worldwide gift of 1 Million Prayers for France during the games.

Pray for the nation, the church, the people, the games – whatever and whoever is on your heart!

Or if you prefer, we have some suggested prayers that you can use.

Church Leaders across France have welcomed this initiative and expressed their appreciation for pledges that are already being made from individuals, churches, ministries and houses of prayer around the world.

1 Prayer and 1 Click is all it takes!

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