No compromise

No compromise

Colin Greaves from Cumbria Prayer Network shares about the need for no compromise of the Gospel in today’s culture.

“Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness.”  Acts 4:29

We’re living in a culture dominated by fear. At a national level the government, whether it was necessary or not, were quite openly using fear to drive the recent lockdown policy. But fear of doing or saying the wrong thing, whether it’s health and safety or safeguarding, is tending to keep us looking over our shoulders in case someone shouts ‘Foul’! 

As Christian believers we are, and no doubt will continue to be, subject to an onslaught on the Biblical foundations of our faith by a small minority who have hijacked the world of broadcasting, publishing and social media. It could be described as ‘cultural terrorism’!

In previous reflections, we were asking if we had lost our voice in the face of this cultural pressure. Worse than that, are we now seeing previously orthodox Bible believing institutions compromising to satisfy these cultural demands?

The early disciples had no second thoughts when it came to their position. In the face of a culture that declared Caesar was lord and that truth was dictated by the empire they came together in prayer, and didn’t ask the LORD how they could adjust their message to satisfy the culture but rather called out for courage and boldness to keep saying what we know is right. God’s word is truth and it’s that truth and only that truth that sets us free.   

Colin Greaves heads up Cumbria Prayer Network with his wife Chrissie. They are Northern representatives for the World Prayer Centre.

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