Hope For Every Home

Hope For Every Home

Let’ s go prayerwalking with Oikos Outreach App
Prayerwalking is very much back on the agenda in these days.
I’ ve had the privilege of trialling the new Oikos Outreach App which allows you to tag where you have prayed, cared and shared the love of Jesus with people in your community. You can see where you have been and where others have been too. Its free, easy to download and can be used by individuals, groups or churches. Head over to Hope for Every Home for more information.
Download from Apple or Google Play and spread the word with your friends and contacts. Visit Hope for every Home.
Some unity movements eg Sheffield, Portsmouth and Leeds have been/or are about to prayerwalk their cities/towns using the app used by Christians in Coventry last June that enabled them to track and colour every road and street. https://www.openheavencoventry.org/

Jane Holloway is the National Prayer Director at World Prayer Centre.

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Natasha Ruddock

Natasha Ruddock

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