Global Update: Pray For U.S.A

Global Update: Pray For U.S.A

As many of our regular readers know, over the years we have sent out information both as requests for prayer and answers to prayer for many nations around the world. As I started to write today, I realised that there is nowhere in the world that does not need our prayers at this time.

The world has changed so dramatically in recent months. From the so called inconvenience for some of not being able to meet to worship, to the horrors of open persecution for many. From pestilence to plagues, from wars and rumours of wars, situations are arising daily that even the media describe as being on a Biblical scale.

This may come as a surprise to you, but there is one nation I believe we should keep in our prayers over the coming weeks and that is the U.S.A. I know there are nations that are suffering greatly and I know we will pray for them, but I sensed from a Global Kingdom of God perspective we should over these coming weeks stand shoulder to shoulder with this nation that is still the largest financial supporter of world missions and sends and supports more missionaries and evangelists than any other nation. It has also stood in strong support of the nation of Israel.

Our bothers and sisters in the States have asked for our prayers, not for one political result or another, but that through the intense shaking of their nation they would see a great spiritual awakening across their land. We may disagree with some or all of its politics, but I believe we can agree with them on that.

May God truly bless America.

Ian Cole is the founder of the World Prayer Centre Birmingham.

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