China: Watching Wuhan

China: Watching Wuhan

As coronavirus ravages the world, many are now watching Wuhan slowly emerging from 2 months complete lockdown – cautiously with masks and gloves moving about.
The world is now in an extraordinary and precarious situation watching what happens in Wuhan for a glimpse of what might lie in store for the rest of us.
Will there be a second coronavirus wave in Wuhan? Almost inevitably yes but how big a wave and are hospitals better prepared.
How will the Chinese government respond to this second wave after mismanagement and misinformation of the first outbreak? Will they keep damaging information secret.
A recent report on the number of ash urns stacked at Wuhan funeral homes put the true death toll over 40,000 not the official 2,500 deaths.
Pray for transparency in communication and sharing of strategies in China and across the nations in order to craft effective responses to unfamiliar challenges.
Pray for competence in the next phase based on honest experience and heaven’ s wisdom (Job 6:24)
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