Unite this Christmas to Shine your Light

Unite this Christmas to Shine your Light

A nationwide Christmas campaign ‘Shine Your Light’ is being launched this week to call hundreds of thousands to unite in towns, villages and cities this Christmas to take the message outdoors. The initiative is led by the National Day of Prayer and Worship in collaboration with many denominations and key ministries; including HOPE Together, Myriad, Premier Christian Radio, Redeemed Christian Church of God and the Evangelical Alliance. 

The vision for Shine Your Light is that the whole church across England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic stand united to share the Gospel to the whole of society this Christmas. Every local church and believer is being encouraged to be a Light to shine to brighten up the whole country like a Christmas tree.

Shine Your Light will run on the weekend of Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th December, but with an emphasis on community events and activities, including Nativities and family focused opportunities taking place on the Saturday. These events will take place around town halls, high streets, town and shopping centres as well as other public places. 

To link the national and local church together, we will be providing an online map highlighting all the events we know that are taking place over that weekend, with website signposting.

A specific website, www.shineyourlight.org.uk has been created with a social media campaign to run alongside. All our partners will be sharing resources via our digital resources section for use by local churches. 

There will be a number of things which churches can order, including artificial candles, bespoke booklets and sound files with the official music for the weekend. 

shine your light

Churches are being encouraged to play a special invitation video from Christian Leaders from across the breadth of the church and locations around the Isles on Sunday 15th October 2023. Churches will also be able to sign up and say ‘I’m In’ via the website from that date too. 

Speaking about the launch of Shine Your Light, Dr Jonathan Oloyede, Convenor of the National Day of Prayer and Worship said:

We are inviting Christians from the North, East, South and West of these Isles to join us in Shining Their Light in their communities this Christmas. Imagine the impact of hundreds of thousands of Christians taking the message of Jesus into all public places and spaces. 

Gavin Calver, CEO of the Evangelical Alliance added his support: 

Every year, we celebrate Christmas in our churches and with our families. I believe we can be bolder and more confident in taking this out into public places too. Let’s take the amazing message of Christmas out into our villages, towns and cities. Let’s share hope with those around us this Christmas and I’m cheering you on! 

Pastor Leke Sanusi, Chairman of the Redeemed Christian Church of God commended Shine Your Light to all local churches:

Our Lord Jesus Christ wasn’t born in silence but surrounded by the noise of the stable. This Christmas, we want to see the whole church coming out together to share in song and dance the amazing news as we celebrate the birth of Emmanuel, God with us!

Lynn Green, General Secretary of the Baptist Union encouraged churches to prayerfully consider what they could do this Christmas:

Christmas is a great time of year for Christians to be sharing and celebrating their faith. I’m

encouraged to hear of plans this year to take that message out of their buildings. I would love

to encourage all churches, including Baptist Churches, to prayerfully consider where they might

shine their light this Christmas!

Chris Cartwright, General Superintendent of the Elim Pentecostal Church urged churches to take the message of Christmas out on the street:

I love Christmas! The picture that light shines in the darkness of our world is crucial for the

church to communicate at Christmas as we celebrate God’s coming amongst us. Let’s come together in towns, villages and cities to take that message onto our streets.

To sign up your local church in Shine Your Light, please visit: www.shineyourlight.org.uk   

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