Ukraine: The Breadbasket of Europe

Ukraine: The Breadbasket of Europe

Agriculture is the largest sector of Ukraine’s economy (10% of GDP and 41% of total exports in 2021). Ukraine supplies 10% of the world’s wheat; Russia a further 18% . The war and sanctions will severely disrupt Ukrainian and Russian agricultural production and trade, with profound effects on national and global food supplies, especially hitting lower income countries reliant on imports from these countries. It will also impact farming and food in the UK, and globally. 

Pray for Ukrainian and Russian farmers and for all whose livelihoods rely on farming and food production in every country affected. Pray for all who will suffer food shortages and higher costs, that they will turn to the Lord, who will not only keep them alive in famine, but also deliver their souls from death (Psalm 33:19). 

Excerpt taken from March issue of Hope Countryside’s Seeds of Prayer

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Natasha Ruddock

Natasha Ruddock

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