Thousands Journey With 25 Hour Online Worship Bridge

Thousands Journey With 25 Hour Online Worship Bridge

Thanks to everyone who linked in and prayed for this online worship offering. It exceeded all our expectations having been put together in a very short time. Around 13,000 people journeyed with the livestream over the 25 hours. There was a profound sense of the Father’ s love throughout as each worship session as the Holy Spirit led each of those who contributed. There was reflective worship, declaratory worship, family worship, prophetic worship and the simplicity of it coming from just homes or houses of prayer was powerful. The organising team from both nations sense that the spiritual bridge has been strengthened and we are now seeking the Lord for how we can continue the unity between our nations. We invited three German leaders on our WPC Prayershift on 9th January to share and pray together which was very powerful. Our grateful thanks go to all and especially to the wonderful technical team in Dresden without whom it could not have happened! If you would like to make a contribution towards the costs of hosting this please do so here,
Watch them all again on YouTube and worship again:

Part 1
Daniel Kaschner (Frankfurt)
Dave Bilbrough (East London)
David Eversmann (Essen)
Beacon House of Prayer (Stoke on Tent)
Augsburg House of Prayer
Danny Oates (Grantham)

Part 2
Dresden House of Worship (Kids-Worship)
Lucy Bunce (Cambridge)
Jesus-Haus Herrnhut (origin of the Moravian revival)
Manchester Houses of Prayer
Munich House of Prayer
Presence Worship (Stoke on Trent)

Part 3
Laurent Marechal (France)
Freiburg House of Prayer
Sounds of Wonder (Birmingham)
German Missionary Fellowship (Sinsheim)
BURN 24/7 (South London)
BURN Europe (Berlin)
Navigators (Stirling)

Part 4
Zwickau House of Prayer
Andy Rogers (Coleraine)
Bremen House of Prayer
The Stirring (Southampton)
Albert Frey (Forchtenberg)
Wings Prayer House (Scarborough)

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Natasha Ruddock

Natasha Ruddock

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