Make The Most Of Every Opportunity

Make The Most Of Every Opportunity

Summer for many people is a time of changing gears, slowing down and recharging mental, physical and spiritual batteries. It’ s a season which offers opportunity for churches and networks to gather to be better equipped to follow Jesus. It’ s a time when the good news of Jesus is shared in word and deed on missions in villages, towns, cities and beaches and in youth and children’ s holiday clubs and camps. It’ s also a opportunity to spend more time with family, friends and neighbours.
In Paul’ s letter to Colossians (4:2-6) we are encouraged to pray and to make the most of every opportunity.
Let’ s pray for:

  • Open doors in hearts for the message of God’ s love for all organising and serving on local missions, church holiday clubs and youth camps – that many will turn to follow Jesus.
  • Clear communication by all teachers, preachers, worship leaders and creative groups that the wonder of Jesus may be understood by all ages.
  • The mystery of Christ to be understood more and more by all who gather at national summer festivals (eg Keswick, New Wine, Soul Survivor); at regional gatherings; at all the church network holidays and in your local church events and services.
  • Ourselves that we will know how to answer everyone as we take time to share our lives openly with our families and those we know so all will be touched by the grace of our Lord.

Resources ideas:

Ideas for prayer this summer – Prayer Magazine
Resources for parents & children – Kitchen Table Project

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Natasha Ruddock

Natasha Ruddock

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