Join millions praying for the Muslim world

Join millions praying for the Muslim world
muslim world

Will you pray with us for the Muslim World, starting Sunday?
30 Days of Prayer – March 10th – April 8th

Several of my colleagues have just returned from a Church Planting Movement conference in Indonesia. They met with 300 movement leaders, workers and strategists from 66 nations. 
IPC’s Senior Adviser, Tom Victor, reported… ‘the Conference was an amazing example of strategic collaboration between major church planting networks for the fulfilment of the Great Commission. I sensed that God was doing so much more than we could hope or imagine. (Ephesians 3:20-21) God was uniting hearts with His and with one another across global prayer, mission and generational movements at a very accelerated rate.’ Praise God! 

The IPC team were encouraged to hear a number of stories of breakthroughs in frontier nations, testimonies to answered prayers and reports of supernatural visions of Jesus. However, these advances often come at a cost… with moving stories of imprisonment, persecution and personal sacrifice. (2 Tim 1:8

But, there is still much more to be done – for the Gospel!

The most significant takeaway that Tom and my colleagues reported is a plea for the prayer movement to please – ‘KEEP PRAYING!’ 

I often use the illustration of ‘Little Keys open Big Doors!’ Our prayers ARE making a difference, as once in God’s hands, they unlock His hands and see him open up a big door called Revival and Awakening!  Will you and your networks and contacts join us this Sunday and each day across the month of Ramadan as we uphold the Muslim World?

During these next 30 days, we want to take you on a prayer journey to 30 cities and nations where many of the most unreached people groups live and are represented. Ten of these cities are extremely significant in that they are part of a major missional focus at this time.

Adult and Children’s Prayer Guides
To help focus your prayers, we have produced Adult and Children’s Prayer Guides
The goal of the Muslim World Prayer Guides is to help Jesus Followers throughout the world to focus on praying for Muslim people. They are tools that have been translated into 30 languages and used by over 5,000 international prayer networks worldwide.
During these 30 days, more than 100 million people will be praying. We hope that you will join them!
Both of the guides provide daily insights into key Muslim world cities where many of the most unreached Muslim peoples live.

The nicely illustrated Children’s 10 Day Guide – written for 6 to 12 year olds, includes a daily theme on the topic of ‘Living by the fruit of the Spirit!’, profiles of the cities, what kids like to do there and inspirational devotions from 14 year old Justin – a talented young writer with an amazing testimony. It is soo good that adults are using it too! The Children’s 10 Days initiative commences March 27th – but use the guide when it suits you.

This is part of something quite strategic… 
…and this is why we encourage you to join us! – teams of Jesus followers will be praying for spiritual breakthroughs ‘on the ground’ in these 30 cities during the days of Ramadan. Let’s be praying for their wisdom, protection and insight!
May the Holy Spirit guide and speak to you as you pray for our Lord to bring a revelation of Himself to Muslim people.

One Miracle Night – Global Day of Prayer for the Muslim World. Friday 5th April 2024 6am Pacific (UTC-8)

We also want to invite you to join us for a Global Day of Prayer for the Muslim World – taking place from Friday 5th April 2024, 6am Pacific time.

Watch the Video

Across the 24 hours, we will be praying for 24 key unreached Muslim cities.

You can pray with your family, from your home, at work, in your house church, local church, house of prayer, prayer tower, etc.

We provide this brief prayer guide with links to online resources plus a children’s prayer – and suggest that you pray as the Lord leads you.

We encourage you to use the ‘BLESS – Pray for 5 Card‘ that helps us to remember to pray for up to 5 family, friends, colleagues to become Jesus followers.

World Prayer Centre will be hosting a Special Prayer Watch on Friday 5th April from 7-8pm. We hope you can join us on Zoom as we pray for the Muslim world.

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