4 Themes to focus on in 2024


Ian Cole shares four themes to focus on as we journey through 2024. As we start 2024, the World Prayer Centre team has agreed that throughout this year, amongst our many activities, we would seek as individuals and collectively to weave four themes into our lives and ministry.  There is no particular sequence or order in […]

New Year message from World Prayer Centre

new year message

As 2024 begins, Ian Cole the founder of the World Prayer Centre shares his thoughts for the year ahead in our New Year message . This new year, join us as we: We will update more on these themes as the Lord leads us.

Wanted: Prayer Warriors to pray for Revival

prayer warriors

Prayer warriors to pray for revival…Only those willing to make yourself totally available for Jesus need apply. In late 2024, it will be 120 years since the last great revival in Wales and the United Kingdom. The revival lasted less than a year but over 100,000 people converted to Christ. Imagine a 100,000 people converting […]



As the conflict between Israel and Gaza continues many Christians may be thinking, “What should Christians be praying?”  Sheila Hendley, trustee of the World Prayer Centre and founder of the Academy for Life shares some thoughts. As peace-loving people our emotional response is to ‘pray for peace’. We see pictures of babies, children being killed and injured, […]

Prime Minister backs Shine Your Light this weekend

shine your light

Prime Minister gives his backing to Shine Your Light as tens of thousands of Christians take to the streets this weekend. A nationwide Christmas campaign, Shine Your Light, which has seen over 54,000 Christians representing over 440 churches has received a much needed boost from the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak MP this morning.  Shine Your Light […]

The Glory of God

glory of god

Ian Cole, founder of the World Prayer Centre shares about sharing the glory of God this Christmas. For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea. (Habakkuk 2:14) When Solomon finished praying, fire came down from heaven and consumed the burnt offering and […]

Shine Your Light Prayer Bulletin

shine your light

As we carry on praying in the lead up to the great opportunity that Shine Your Light presents, let’s continue to pray blessing into our streets and neighbourhoods, and realise that everywhere we walk, as we pray and worship, we are leaving Holy Spirit deposits wherever we tread. Over the last two months, we‘ve been […]

Pray for Nepal after devastating earthquake


Many have lost their lives in Nepal at the beginning of November due to earthquakes of 6.4 magnitude which has killed 170 people and injured hundreds, leaving many without homes as Winter approaches. We are calling people to pray for Nepal at this crucial time. Various news reports share about many, including new-borns and nursing […]

How to shine your light this Christmas

shine your light

This Christmas, World Prayer Centre asks the question to you as Christian’s…How do you Shine Your Light? Our communities right now are so desperate for hope. The statistics on suicide across the UK at present are so high that we are in the midst of a mental health crisis like we have never seen before. […]

Persecution is happening on our doorstep


Free speech is being eroded for Christians who are standing by their faith. Persecution is not just and overseas thing, it is happening here in the UK. Tim Dieppe from Christian Concern gives us an update and shares how we can pray. Join us in praying for boldness and courage for Christians to speak out […]