The Harvest is Plentiful

The Harvest is Plentiful

Here are four reasons why, in general, the Church in the Southern Hemisphere is seeing an accelerating harvest.

  • Prayer and worship are part of their everyday lives and ministries.
  • The word of God is preached and taught in all its fullness.
  • Through their oneness and unity, they expect God’s blessing.
  • Each generation, from the youngest to the oldest, is involved in all three.

As we look around us here in the UK and at our society ‘the harvest’, what are we seeing, what are we hearing, what and how is the Holy Spirit speaking into our hearts, drawing our attention to and prompting us to pray and engage with in our spheres of influence? 

Jesus said these words and gave this challenge in the middle of all that was taking place in the society in His time as he does to us, His church, in the middle of the shakings, revelations and turbulence of our society today.

The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field. Go, I am sending you out… (Luke 10: 2-3).

This will have a different outworking for each of us. But one thing is for sure. The Holy Spirit is very much at work across the UK continuing to draw Christians, from all denominations, organisations and networks, to mobilise fasting, prayer and worship and unite together from that base of spiritual unity to work together in evangelism, social action and for justice in many places locally, regionally or nationally. Certainly, here at World Prayer Centre there is an urgency in our spirits to pray and work to make the most of every opportunity this’ year of the open door’ as we long to see more of His glory and power!

Let’s pray 

For mercy: ‘Lord, I have heard of your fame; I stand in awe of your deeds, Lord. Renew them in our day, in our time make them known; in wrath remember mercy’ Habakkuk 3:2

For our R numbers to increase! “We heard about R numbers during the Covid outbreak. For churches, I call it the ‘Reproduction Potential’. If this number is less than one, enthusiasts fail to reproduce themselves, conversions are too weak, and the Church dies out. . . If the reproduction potential is greater than one, conversions are strong enough to counter losses, and the Church may grow.” Inside the fastest growing – and shrinking – churches in the UK | The Spectator

For those we know to come to know Jesus Pray for five friends | Thy Kingdom Come

For our neighbours Neighbourhood Prayer Network

For our schools and young people  National Day of Prayer For Schools – PaismovementPray For Schools

For all involved in Hope Together as the 23-24 year of mission begins – everyone, everywhere knowing Jesus; Hope Together : Hope 23-24 HUB Great prayer and prayer walking resources File.aspx ( as well as resources to give away to our friends, colleagues in the lead up to Advent  Shop : Countdown to Christmas Hope (

For all prayer and evangelistic initiatives happening in your area; and for Shine Your Light, a Christmas evangelistic initiative coordinated by the National Day of Prayer and Worship in collaboration with many denominations and networks, which we at WPC are supporting. More info coming! 

For His purposes to be revealed Psalm 33.11; His ways to be known Psalm 25:10; Truth to emerge John 14.17; Justice outworked Leviticus 19.15; Mercy poured out Habakkuk 3.2; Compassion seen Colossians 3:12; Peace evident Galatians 5:22; Wisdom given James 3:17.

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