The Cross – The Great Exchange

The Cross – The Great Exchange

“He was wounded for our transgressions. He was bruised for our iniquities. The chastisement of our peace was upon Him; and with His stripes we are healed.” Isaiah 53:5

On the cross satan was defeated. It was the place of defeat for the enemy that is why he doesn’ t want us to actually examine what happened at the cross. It is the place of great exchange – Jesus’ righteousness for our sin, a way back to the Father for fallen humanity, acceptance by a loving and righteous God who knew us so well and loved just so much that He was not only willing to sacrifice His Son but He did sacrifice His Son for us.
That’ s why we call Friday – Good Friday, it was good for us but bad for the devil.
God did not call the cross, the pain of Christ but the passion of Christ, because He was passionate in His love for us that He was prepared to endure the agony of the cross so that we could experience the mercy of God.
The Father was in control of every detail of the cross, what He needed from His Son was obedience to the divine plan and that’ s all He requires from us – obedience.
For example, at the very time that Jesus was brought before the Sanhedrin so they could find fault with Him, the priests were examining the lambs for Passover to see that they had no defect or blemish.
The Sanhedrin found no fault in Jesus so they passed judgement on Him because He had said He was the ‘Son of God’ .
There is of course an irony in this, Jesus was put to death because He claimed to be the ‘Son of God’ and He was raised from the dead because He was the ‘Son of God’ !
Who do you say He is?
The choice is yours. Do you want to continue to heed the lies of the deceiver or do you want to become a believer?
This Easter you too can have your sins washed away and know forgiveness. You can accept Him as your Saviour and make Him Lord of your life. That is Jesus’ invitation to everyone this Easter.
Here’ s some points to pray:

  1. The salvation of family members and friends.
  2. Ongoing strength and wisdom for NHS staff and all involved in caring for others.
  3. The empowering of the Holy spirit to accompany the public singing of the 2 hymns on Easter Sunday.
  4. That…

Hope will triumph over hopelessnessGlory will triumph over gloomFaith will triumph over fear

Sheila Hendley is the founder of Academy for Life and a trustee of the World Prayer Centre.

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Natasha Ruddock

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