Praying For Jesus Encounters During Ramadan

Praying For Jesus Encounters During Ramadan

Over the coming days around the world, prayer will be taking place for the presence of God to be manifest throughout the Muslim world as it enters Ramadan starting Tuesday 13th April. You can pray using the 30 days of prayer guide for Muslims during Ramadan.
Let us pray that as millions try and get closer to God, be better people, search for the truth they will encounter Jesus and find the truth of who He is.
We can pray that those encounters will come as we as Christ followers show the love of God, not only through our praying, but through practical ways of good neighbourliness.
We also pray that many will be increasingly disillusioned by extremism and those who would encourage hatred and violence.
As you think of a nation that is predominantly Muslim, pray that the Spirit of God would hover over that nation so that every time the name of Isa (Jesus in Arabic) is mentioned, revelation would come that He is the way to God, He is the truth of who God is and He is the life that God wants all people in every nation to experience.

Ian Cole is the founder of World Prayer Centre and networks globally with prayer ministries and organisations.

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Natasha Ruddock

Natasha Ruddock

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