Pray for the UK general election

Pray for the UK general election

Will you vote in the next general election? Do you know which party you will vote for? Maybe God wants to use your vote to make a difference to the leaders of our nation. We have collated some great election resources to help you.

The nation is going to the polls for a general election on 4th July 2024. The British Isles will vote for the leader of our nation. When chatting with many people about the upcoming election many people are not going to be voting. Only 67.3% voted in the 2019 general election which means roughly a third of people didn’t exercise their right to vote which could make such a difference to the results.

Many feel that they are “all as bad as each other” and there is a lot of disillusionment with politics, the political parties and the process. In many nations around the world, many people don’t have right to chose their leader and until 1928, women in the UK were unable to vote. What’s your thinking about politics? Watch the video below from the Evangelical Alliance.

As Christians, we need to have more of and influence in spheres of influence like politics. We are called to be watchmen and gatekeepers for our nation. Our votes could make a difference to how it is governed and what is allowed to come in.

Should the bible influence politics and legislation? Watch the video below from Christians in Politics.

Most of the time, people don’t vote because they are not sure what each party represents or what they plan to do. There are some great resources to help you find out more. We have posted the links below so you can be informed of each party and then you can prayerfully consider your vote. If you are unsure, ask God to guide you. Who does He want you to vote for? God’s plans and purposes will always come to pass but maybe he wants to use you and your vote to fulfil it!

Not sure how to vote?

Websites about the elections and making a decision:

Natasha Ruddock is the Communications Manager for the World Prayer Centre. She helps to lead Victory Outreach Church Birmingham with her husband Colin.

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