National Sports Sunday – 15th May 2022

National Sports Sunday – 15th May 2022

Going forward to serve…

For the fifth time, National Sports Sunday will be held this May, providing an opportunity for Sports Chaplaincy UK and its partners to encourage more Christians to see the community of sport as a place where they can effectively be an expression of God’s love and compassion.

National Sports Sunday is celebrating its fifth year in 2022 and now more than ever, it is important that the church doesn’t go backwards in its commitment to the commitment of sport.

As we emerge from the pandemic, we are called to support, serve and bless that community with the love of God. Whether it’s praying or practically serving, National Sports Sunday is a great way for your church to take time to pray; we will be sharing a range of great resources, including new material for 2022.

If you’re planning to take part, we would love to hear from you. Simply drop Adam, who is our Project Manager for National Sports Sunday an email sharing what you are doing so we can share this:

Sport is more than an activity, it’s a community and we are called to play our part, especially if we are a part of it. Can I encourage you to sign up and register to let us know you are taking part?

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Natasha Ruddock

Natasha Ruddock

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