Global prayer watch: Global refugee crisis

Global prayer watch: Global refugee crisis

For our April global prayer watch, we felt the need to get an update on the global refugee situation. With the war in Ukraine displacing thousand of people, we invited Steve Cole to come back and update us on what is happening and how we can pray. We will release in three parts of the next couple of weeks.

Now, let’s pray for:

  • Ukraine – 5 million people on the move into Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary.  Five million internally displaced people.
  • UK Government to find ways to simplify process regarding visas.
  • 91% of those crossing the channel from Afghanistan, Yemen, Iran, Syria.
  • Woman and children caught up in human trafficking.
  • Agencies and authorities success in finding and prosecuting traffickers. 

Now let’s pray:

  • 85 million refugees worldwide
  • Lebanon with 1.5 million adding to the severe economic crisis.
  • Bangladesh 1 million who have fled from Myanmar with 750,000 in one camp.
  • Let’s think upstream. New political and economic thinking needed in compassion, economics etc.
  • A new mindset for political leaders.  (Name and pray for one)
  • What is not transformed will be transmitted. (Pray into the spiritual implications)

Coming soon – Part 3 final part. Visit our YouTube channel and subscribe.

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Natasha Ruddock

Natasha Ruddock

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