Europe Cross Walks ‘Arise and Shine’

Europe Cross Walks ‘Arise and Shine’

William Porter will be prayer walking across the 51 capital cities of Europe from April 2024 to April 2025.

God calls many people to various prayer walking assignments, but I never thought I would be going to the cities of Europe!

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We have done our fair share of prayer walking from our house of prayer, the Beacon in Stoke on Trent, over the years. Yet just before and after the pandemic, I was led to walk with a cross, first down to Westminster to pray at the height of the Brexit crisis, and then to all the cities of England to declare grace, blessing and glory as the Covid restrictions eased. They were significant moments, connecting with praying people, and, as I now realise, a personal preparation.

Two years ago, I had the clearest prophetic impression that I should take a cross and pray in all the capital cities of Europe for revival. I checked how many there are – fifty one in total. A few times over the following months I heard waves of Holy Spirit whispers that now is the time for an awakening in Europe. What I sense is that God is about to move upon the cities of the earth and he wants his people to be ready. Jesus is going to bring out a jewel of the church in Europe, bright and strong. There is a massive awakening coming that will bring a great harvest of faith, even as darker times continue in our continent.

Many of us have had a burden to pray for our own continent at different times. Home to great cathedrals, missionary movements, powerful empires, treasured learning and intrepid explorers, Europe is a remarkable place. It is also known for its battlefields of blood, ideological conflicts, inter church schisms and a turning away from the faith of our ancestors. Yet right now there seems to be a great stirring of faith for fresh harvest across Europe. Movements like Europe Shall Be Saved and The Send are raising a whole new call to mission and evangelism. God is moving amongst student groups, asylum seekers and refugees. Stadium worship events, healing rooms, church planting and evangelism training camps are happening in many countries. Rumblings of spiritual renewal in different places are little signs that something holy is afoot and the Spirit of revival is at work.

So, I am planning to visit every capital city over the next year, from Easter 2024 to Easter 2025. It will be a prayer mission, going to three or four cities at the start of every month, to meet and pray with local Christian leaders and to mark the city in prayer for revival. I will take planes, trains and hire cars to go between them. Thirteen trips in total – I start in London this April and end in Moscow next April. There is a prayer support group around me, and also hopefully I will have a travel companion for each mission trip. I am trying to find a key contact and prayer gatekeepers in each city, and have friends in different place in Europe who are helping to make introductions for me across networks and cities. 

Why the cross? Because it is salvation time – the blood of Jesus has been shed for the people of Europe. Because the weakness of the cross comes in the opposite spirit to empire and our self-sufficient cultures. Because God’s people in Europe are called to live a deeper crucified and resurrected life. There are dark times coming but the light of God’s glory will shine brightly across Europe.

If you want to follow the Europe cross walks progress, you can follow on social media on:

Instagram: crosswalks.will 

Facebook: Europe cross walks

Please pray that this prayer mission, one amongst numerous prayer initiatives that the Lord seems to be stirring, will be an instrument to prepare for a great spiritual awakening in this great continent of Europe. 

William Porter

(Beacon House of Prayer, and British Isles Houses of Prayer Network)

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