The Zeal of the Lord

The Zeal of the Lord
WPC Engage gathering

We had the privilege of welcoming many friends online to the Engage Gathering on Friday 11th and Saturday 12th March 2022. God has been speaking to us about His Zeal – what that means and looks like and how it impacts our lives, and how only The Zeal of The Lord can, and will, accomplish and establish many significant things in our lives as we look to Him.

We were blessed to have two speakers for the event – Ian Cole (World Prayer Centre) and Malcolm Duncan (Dundonald Elim Church) – and one of the hallmarks of the time together was that God had spoken to both Ian and Malcolm in similar ways regarding the zeal, but the way they expressed it was inspirational, directional and challenging at the same time. When you hear talks on the Zeal of the Lord, it isn’t something that you can put to one side – there is a sense of urgency about how this is relevant to me, and what changes I have to make to ensure that I am living the life that God wants me to live with a passion, an ardour and a fervour for Him, and for His honour.

As we honoured the Name of the Lord in sung worship, we felt that we had been brought together for this specific time, to hear what God had to speak into our lives and how praying for the release of the Zeal of the Lord in the British Isles family of nations and beyond was preparing our hearts for revival, at the same time as believing for significant spiritual changes in the atmosphere as we prayed.

The questions were asked – ‘What does the Zeal of the Lord mean for Christians today, and how do we respond to it, what are the implications of the Zeal of the Lord for you?’ Engage may have been the start of a journey for some, it may have caused others to consider what changes need to be made within already passionate lives, and how that fervour can be expressed or shown in a more evident way, but every person who was part of this online event will have been touched by Holy Spirit, as we listened, discussed in smaller groups and had the opportunity to pray together and for each other. 

‘What does the Zeal of the Lord mean for Christians today, and how do we respond to it, what are the implications of the Zeal of the Lord for you?’ 

Malcolm Duncan

This is a new season that we are in and God wants a Holy Church. He is preparing us and showing us how He wants us to live before Jesus returns for His Bride.

During the evening and morning, we were mindful of the conflict in Europe and spent time praying for both Ukraine and Russia with a desire to see an end to the fighting and peace brought to that part of Europe. We heard reports of missiles disappearing in mid-air and manoeuvres being thwarted without explanation – and so we prayed for more divine miraculous intervention.

Malcolm finished his second talk on a powerful prophetic moment, referencing 2 Chronicles 7:14 ‘if my people who are called by my Name humble themselves, pray, seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

Watch the sessions on YouTube

Session 1 – The Zeal of the Lord

Download the session notes

Session 1 – Ian Cole

Session 2 – Malcolm Duncan

Session 3 – Malcolm Duncan

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