Ending slavery: 3 ways to pray

Ending slavery: 3 ways to pray

Slavery should not exist in the twenty-first century. The charity International Justice Mission (IJM) are doing incredible work to overcome this issue all over the world by rescuing those who have been trafficked, bringing criminals to justice, and strengthening global justice systems. In this guest blog by IJM, read the story of one woman’s rescue and how you can continue to pray for freedom for the captives.

Around the world today, an estimated 40 million people are trapped in slavery: forced to work in factories or on farms; exploited sexually in brothels or online; or coerced into domestic servitude, to name just a few examples of the many forms slavery can take. Chandramma is a survivor of slavery who is now a courageous advocate in the anti-slavery movement. Her story shows the brutal reality of exploitation – but also that change is possible.

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In February 2019, authorities arrived at a silk-harvesting facility in South Asia to find a horrific scene: a young mother and her four-year-old son cried out desperately from behind a small metal grate leading to the room where they had been locked for six months.

Chandramma and her son had been trapped at the facility alongside a dozen other people — forced to work up to 15-hour days, harassed by the owner, and unable to escape. She and her sister had taken jobs at the facility after being offered an advance on their wages, which they hoped would provide financial stability; but when they arrived, they soon realised that the situation was exploitative. Now, they were trapped by the debt – as well as by the threats of the facility’s owner.

When International Justice Mission (IJM) learned of Chandramma’s case, our team brought it to the attention of local authorities. We then supported an operation to bring Chandramma to safety – alongside her son and the other exploited workers. 

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Today, Chandramma is rebuilding her life in freedom. She’s working as a wedding planner and bringing up her two children. She’s also chosen to act as an advocate for other people still trapped in slavery, through her involvement with a local survivor network which advocates for the rights of victims and survivors, and help authorities take action to end slavery.

  • Join IJM in praising God for the 76,000 people around the world who authorities, with IJM’s support, have brought to safety from slavery and violence – including Chandramma. Thank God for each one of these individuals, who are now able to rebuild their lives in safety and freedom.
  • Please pray for survivor leaders around the world, including Chandramma, who are using their lived experience of slavery to advocate for solutions; pray that authorities would listen to their expertise, and that their advocacy would continue to generate incredible change.
  • Pray for an end to slavery and violence around the world, and for IJM’s teams as we seek to protect half a billion people from violence by 2030. 

Find out more about the work of IJM on their website.

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