Blood-soaked London horses a sign of the times?

Blood-soaked London horses a sign of the times?

What is God saying to His Church as blood-soaked horses on the loose in London and Big Ben stops chiming at the same time.


Last Wednesday, we met as a WPC team together, which is quite rare as we all work from home and at various locations across England.  It was a key time for us as a ministry but we were perplexed hearing that blood-soaked horses were loose on the streets of Central London and at the same time Big Ben stopped at 9am and then at 10am rang eleven times!  It sounded like something from the Book of Revelation.  

To many unbelievers, it was just a coincidence but as Christians, we know there are no such things as coincidences just God-incidences.  As a Church we need to be interpreting the times that we are living in, and the signs that God may give us. As more biblical prophecy seems to be unfolding before our eyes and the days seem to be quickening, we must rejoice because it is a sign that Jesus is coming back soon!

The horses, part of the Household Cavalry, had been spooked by a nearby building site and unseated their riders and two ran off causing mayhem in London as they galloped for almost 6 miles.  They collided with vehicles, and blood soaked, they were finally caught in East London.  

Since then, there has been a number of prophecies released from credible UK prophets.  At World Prayer Centre, we support and honour the prophetic and how it is essential to God’s people in the end times.  The prophetic has different forms and there will be many interpretations of a situation.  So, we have pulled together a few for you to read and pray over and ask the Lord what is he saying?  We have also included another prophetic word from Chris Wickland which was given previously but also ties in.

Sue Sinclair – Horses, Big Ben and the Builders (24th April 2024)

Chris Wickland – Paradigm Shift  (13th April 2024) 

                              Sign of the Times  (24th April 2024) 

Betty King – The Stampede of Horses (28th April 2024)

The underlying theme for many of the prophecies is a need for the Church to wake up and to go back to basics, seeking the Lord on a deeper more intimate level, preparing for what is coming and sharing Jesus in the last days.

There has been a lot in the news about the horses – Quaker and Vida – and the meaning of their names. Vida means life in Spanish.  All horses in the Household Cavalry are black but they do have a few grey horses as grey horses have a special role.  The grey horse is the one that carries the trumpeter and historically it would ride at the front next to the commanding office to ensure that he is visible.  The trumpeter is the one that would sound the alarm and the call to arms.  Is it a Trumpet Call to our nation?

Natasha Ruddock is the Communications Manager for the World Prayer Centre.

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