Baptism of Fire for revival

Baptism of Fire for revival

Michael Marcel has been writing on the subject of revival for many years he has a number of booklets that can give us insight to revival and what are some of the elements we need to see for an awakening. Here’s what he believes to see an encounter with God.

I believe Holiness is crucial if we are to have an Awakening and in the booklet I trace the history of the Baptism of Fire, with, as usual, plenty of testimonies.
One pastor wrote about it, saying, ‘I believe there are always places and subjects in the scripture where the Holy Spirit abides and highlights at set times and seasons. I firmly believe Michael has located such a subject here in his book Baptism of Fire!
This book is well researched and rooted in real life accounts of God radically transforming peoples lives. The Body of Christ urgently needs this powerful gift again. I believe as you read this book God will ignite a hunger and impart faith for you to pursue and receive this powerful gift! 
This is not just a book, it’s an invitation to an encounter with the fire of God!’
As well as the download here, it can also be found on my website, together with the films of my ‘Forgotten Heroes’.
We all need to keep our passion high and I do not believe there is a better way than reading or listening to testimonies from our heroes of the past.

Download Baptism of Fire Now – PDF

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