The Power of Passover


As the Passover starts this evening, we found this great article from One for Israel to tell us a bit more about the significance of Passover. Second to saving the world at Calvary, I think that the Passover miracle is God’s favorite. He talks about it often in Scripture, and made Passover month the beginning […]

Voting for Local Leaders is Important!


It is very easy to just focus our attention and prayers on national governmental leaders at the moment, especially with current situations in the Middle East and between Ukraine and Russia and with our UK elections on the horizon before 28 January 2025. On Thursday 2 May 2024 voters across England & Wales will head […]

Contending for the Gospel


This article is the third in a series of articles based on the four words we as a World Prayer Centre team felt are important to us through 2024. In our two previous articles (available on our web site, we wrote about our desire to Conform to the image and likeness of Jesus, to be more […]

Christians in Iran praying for peace


Elam ministry has released a special prayer appeal for the Middle East as Christians in Iran are praying for peace. As we watch the latest crisis in the Middle East unfold, Christians in Iran are on their knees praying for peace. One Christian in western Iran, who lives near where the Iranian rockets were launched, […]

Prepare for Pentecost. Return to the Cross.


An online WPC team prayer watch turned into a significant altar moment about preparing for Pentecost and returning to the Cross. Last year, World Prayer Centre released an Easter to Pentecost prayer declaration. We had forgotten about it until one of our subscribers said they had found it and wanted to use it again this […]

Pray for Haiti

“Against the backdrop of a humanitarian crisis and gang violence in Haiti, UN agencies are warning that children are suffering not just from a lack of schooling but also through witnessing violence.”  UN News More than 53,000 people have fled Haiti’s capital in less than three weeks, the vast majority to escape unrelenting gang violence who overthrew the […]

Atheist Richard Dawkins identifies as ‘cultural Christian’

answered prayer

This is an answer to prayer! For many years we have been praying for atheists to have a change of heart and turn to Christ. God is up to something! This is a start. We have heard stories of other atheists have a God experience. Let’s keep praying! Renowned British atheist and author, Richard Dawkins, […]

Reading the bible in Gaza


He wrapped it back up in the cloth, put it carefully back in the hole in the wall, and covered it up with a brick. No one would ever guess it was there. Ali (not his real name) was fascinated by the Bible. He had downloaded a Bible app to his phone, but an uncle […]

Is your church relationally healthy?


The problem    There’s an overall gender imbalance in UK church congregations of two men to three women. The majority of the UK church has double the number of single women to single men[1]. But how is this hugely affecting Christian singleness, marriage and relationships? The consequences 1. For men There’s a key need for the […]

Is biblical prophecy going true?

biblical prophecy

Events in the Middle East seem to be getting more and more apocalyptic, and people want to know: Is the book of Revelation unfolding before our eyes? So many are speculating about whether or not we’re seeing biblical prophecy in action. But what you might not have heard is that many of the people asking questions […]