The Cry

The Cry

The Cry is a gathering of Christians from across the nation to pray for revival happening at Wembley Arena on January 7th 2023.

The heart behind the event is to create a domino effect and trigger for revival across the nations.

The event has two main focuses – empowering young people and refreshing the body of Christ.

For the younger generation, the event will tackle a range of issues including mental health, addiction, sexual impurity and lack of identity with the hope of bringing wholeness and healing to this generation.

The event also aims to strengthen those who are tired and discouraged and empowering the body of Christ at large.

A series of ‘The Cry’ gatherings will happen across the nation and internationally over the next year in the body of Christ.

At a recent leader’s gathering for the event, one leader said: ‘in the spiritual realms, there is a sacred synergy and a Holy collaboration about to happen. We are mending the nets and joining the boats.’

The gathering seeks to unite the Church across denominations, ethnicities, culture and generations / age groups and will feature contributions representing these different groups – leading thousands in prayer, intercession and worship.

Dr Betty King, the event host & founder, said: ‘In a time of uncertainty, the Church needs to rise up and meet the needs of the people. The Cry is a call to repentance and awakening.’

Dr Betty King continues: ‘We believe this is a Kairos moment. We are running on God’s calendar and this is a divine appointment. January 7th is significant according to the Jewish Calendar. This is when Queen Esther came into power to save a nation. Likewise, we are believing for people to come into the fullness of their identity in Christ and move in power and authority to bring a major harvest of souls.’

The event is inspired / centred on several key scriptures including Song of Solomon Chapter 4: 1-4 and Psalm 24.

Dr Betty King said: ‘The Cry’ is an ascent. This is about the church going to the next level arising to take its position in the world beyond the limitations and intimidation. We are inviting churches / Christians to come and be a part of this day, this movement.’

The event is happening from 1-9pm on January 7th at OVO Wembley Arena.

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Event Start
7 January 2023 - 1:00 pm
Event End
7 January 2023 - 9:00 pm
Event Location

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