Sipping on the Word of God

Sipping on the Word of God

Paul Fenton from our Comms team shares about bringing the living water of the Word of God into our lives.

A few years ago, Will Graham, Billy Graham’s grandson, did a Life Story for me and in it he spoke about watching his grandfather Billy Graham coming out of his study and reading a Bible for a few seconds outside his study on his way to the kitchen to make a drink. 

Then reading it again on his way back to his study for just a few seconds. When asked by Will what he was doing.  Billy said he was sipping on the word of God.  Will said, “surely you can’t get anything from this?” Billy said, “Will, during my day my soul, my heart, my being becomes more and more like a desert that is getting drier and drier without the word of God.” 

He went on… “As I sip on the word of God, I refresh my soul, my heart, my being and it’s like living water running through my being bringing an oasis of Hope into my day.”

Alongside the work I do at World Prayer Centre, I now work at a commercial radio station in Cornwall and a few months ago a friend of mine challenged me to put my Bible on my desk.

This has helped me sip on the Word of God each day.  It’s helped as I’ve watched this month two staff members get sacked.

 It’s helped me as I’ve battled depression.

The Word of God refreshes my soul as I sip on it throughout my day.

Where do you keep the Word of God near you during your working day?

Pray: Ask God how you can sip on His word today?

Paul Fenton is part of the Communications team at World Prayer Centre and works for a commercial radio station in Cornwall where he lives.

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