Pray for Nepal after devastating earthquake

Pray for Nepal after devastating earthquake

Many have lost their lives in Nepal at the beginning of November due to earthquakes of 6.4 magnitude which has killed 170 people and injured hundreds, leaving many without homes as Winter approaches. We are calling people to pray for Nepal at this crucial time.

Various news reports share about many, including new-borns and nursing mothers, that have died from the cold.  The only shelter many have is tarpaulins and a blanket, nowhere near adequate for shelter in the mountains.  

Our friend Pastor Ram Rokaha who is based in Pokhara, Nepal and joins our prayer watches has shared an update and sent prayer requests so we ask that you join us in praying for this escalating crisis that has not been featured on news channels since other events take priority.

From Pastor Ram:  Thank you for continued prayer and remembering and caring for our Nepal.

Needs highlight Summary: (UNICEF Nepal Humanitarian Situation Report No. 3 (Earthquake): 20 November 2023 – Nepal | ReliefWeb)

Initial assessments from the National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC) estimate that around 250,0006 people (80,000 children) have been affected by this earthquake. Among them, around 200,000 people (including 68,000 children) urgently require assistance, with over 150,000 people (including 51,000 children) specifically in need of WASH services Water, sanitation and Hygiene).  The education sector suffered a severe blow, with around 125,000 school-aged children needing education support to ensure learning continuity, partly due to the extensive damage inflicted on over 898 schools (294 fully damaged, 604 partially damaged), including 89 school toilets that were partially damaged. According to NEOC/Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) reports7, more than 62,000 houses were damaged in the 13 affected districts (26,557 fully damaged, 35,455 partially damaged) in addition to 50 government and public buildings that were impacted (16 fully damaged, 34 partially damaged).

Prayer requests:

  1. Pray for the survivors, that they have all supplies to overcome the soon-beginning winter.  Elderly people, children, newborns and mothers, and also the people living with disabilities are suffering the most. 
  2. Pray for coordination with the local government, local communities, and churches so that all work can be achieved sooner.
  3. Pray for the local Christian leaders, for their engagement in the work helping people in trouble. 
  4. Pray for all the procurement, safe transportation, and delivery of the supplies to the beneficiaries. 
  5. Pray for the Kingdom impact on the people we serve.  Pray for the future guidance from God.
  6. Pray for the resources that are needed. 
Headlines – Pray for Nepal

News – about future risk of having even more disastrous earthquakes: Why Jajarkot earthquake is just a warning sign (

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