How Can We Pray In These Days?

How Can We Pray In These Days?

So, how are you being led to pray for the UK and our world as we continue our journey through 2021?
I was recently asked to put my thoughts into a 3 minute video for my local church prayer weekend – which was challenging but helpful. I was drawn to the fact that the Holy Spirit is mobilising the full ‘prayer toolkit’ in these days that represent all the aspects of the gift of prayer.
A number of threads are emerging:
The first is the absolute necessity of praising and thanking our Father for His greatness and who He is. It was a privilege for us at WPC to take part in the 100 hours of worship facilitated by Beacon House of Prayer in mid-January and as we focussed on Psalm 145 we were drawn into exploring His character and His compassion and justice. Globally the ‘Global Family’ Online 24/7 Prayer initiative that aims to unite nations, denominations and generations in a year of continuous prayer and worship will link up thousands across our world.
Second is the growing recognition, at least at grassroots levels, of the acknowledgement of our dire need for God’ s mercy in these days. (Read a God of Compassion) This is a thread that is coming up more and more. We spent time on it as part of our Hope for the Countryside prayer meeting end of January praying from Daniel 9 responding to the question ‘do we deserve the judgement of God’ ? (Check out Hope for the Countryside)
Third is the call from the Holy Spirit to identify, in prayer and in action, with the pain, grief, suffering and injustice that we see in our nations and in our world. Lament, the type of prayer that does just that, is now being rediscovered in many contexts as we use silence, groaning, weeping and questioning in our pouring out of prayer. A mission to prayer and hope through Lament webinar.
Fourth is the growing call on more and more Christians to stand in the gap, to intercede, for the purposes of God to be fulfilled – in a person, family, situation, community, nation – in order for truth to be revealed, freedom released, healing granted etc. We are being drawn to ask the Holy Spirit rather than be dominated by the constant news media:
When praying for our nations: who are the leaders that He has drawn your attention to? What are the issues you are passionate about? And follow the Holy Spirit’ s leading as to how to pray.
When praying for our world – which nation or people groups are you drawn to? What global issues stir your spirit? What global institutions is the Lord asking you to cover in prayer? And where are the nations of the world that you are being asked to stand with brothers and sisters being persecuted for their faith?
A fifth thread is the growing call to pray for Gods people, His church, His body, His bride in these days , as we are the ones entrusted with working in partnership with our King to bring in His kingdom, at a time when God is remodelling how we ‘do’ church. On a recent call, as part of the 22nd January day of prayer for our needy nation, I included these three prayer points – and you will have others to add! Let’ s intercede in unity to see a release of:

  • The power of the Holy Spirit to unveil the compromise in our hearts and in our Church. We need His help to turn, repent, and walk in holiness with a God who is holy (1 Peter 1:15)
  • Faith to banish the unbelief which is at the root of so much of what we are facing (Genesis 3:1). Faith to believe, faith to trust, faith not in human plans and strategies but in God’ s perfect purposes.
  • The fear of the Lord over us His church and nation (Proverbs 9:10)

Further threads that are emerging such as releasing blessing, prayer walking, discerning the prophetic we will cover in March WPC e-news.

Jane Holloway is the National Prayer Director at the World Prayer Centre Birmingham.

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