National Day of Repentence and Prayer

National Day of Repentence and Prayer

Covid, increasing Russian and Chinese aggression and the threat of war, collapse of the global economy, cultural disintegration, climate change, famine, political turmoil, cost of living crisis …  What next?  Will and can a new Prime Minister solve the problems?

The blunt answer is, No.  But God can.

In these chaotic and testing times, only God can save us from the challenges and dangers that lie ahead.  Only God can bring order to this disordered world.

The bottom line is, God stands ever ready to help – but while we continue our hedonistic and selfish lives, He won’t.  Because He won’t uphold sin, that can only lead to our judgment and death.

We have faced the threat of destruction and unbearable suffering before

In WW2, alone and faced by what looked like certain annihilation before the relentless advance of the German forces, on 7 occasions King George VI called the nation to pray.  The nation responded magnificently, packing out the cathedrals and churches across the land.  And on 7 occasions, by act of God, we were delivered.

Before the rescue of our troops from the beaches of Dunkirk, for example, with no possibility the big naval ships could get close enough to shore to pick up the soldiers, who were trying vainly to shelter from constant attack by the Luftwaffe, Churchill was told we would be lucky if 30,000 men could be brought home.

The King called the nation to pray.

At the same time, in response to a plea for help from the Prime Minister, over 850 small boats, some hardly bigger than rowing boats and crewed by ordinary men and women of all ages, volunteered their help.   Ordinarily, in attempting to cross the turbulent waters of the Channel, the majority wouldn’t have had a chance of making it to the other side, but a wholly unforeseen and unexpected calm suddenly descended on the Channel, enabling them to cross in safety.  At the same time, a violent storm in France grounded the German planes, so that they could no longer carry out their deadly attacks.

Of the 400,000 men cowering defenceless on the beaches, 338,000 were rescued, and our army was saved – allowing us to continue the fight … and eventually win.  For further information see the powerful ten minute film: A Dramatic Answer to Prayer – The Miracle of Dunkirk

Though many do not yet fully realise it, we face a similar crisis today.  On the current trajectory, things are going to get worse, and our only hope of deliverance is God.  To come under His protection – which no power on earth or in heaven can withstand – we need to repent the evil we have done, and cry out to Him for help.

Will you stand with us?

Voice for Justice are calling churches, fellowships and gatherings of Christians throughout the land to come together on Friday, 16thSeptember, to organise their own gatherings, but to join with us in prayer; for the salvation of the lost and the deliverance of our nation.  To pray light into the darkness.

Guidance with suggested specific areas for repentance and hints as to how best organise the event will follow – but it is up to you to issue your own call and organise the event.

This is a call to the people of God across the nation to come together and pray.  In churches, fellowships, halls, and private homes!   Anywhere people can gather, in fact, to cry out to the Lord in repentance, begging for mercy and deliverance.

Voice for Justice will be holding an online event on Zoom from 11am – 1pm.  Find out more details on their website.

Source:  Voice for Justice


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